Minggu, 09 Januari 2011

English (Writing) - Ariel and Luna Maya Case

Ariel and Luna Maya is the hottest current case in Indonesia. Excitement of this case stems from the spread of pornographic video that made both at mid-year 2006-2007. Cases involving famous presenters (Luna Maya) and famous singer (Ariel) It also had a number one on twitter chat with the keyword "Peterporn". Only the problem in this case is why the Indonesian community is so excited by this news? even to just go splashy neighbors. 

One word that I wish to "RIDICULOUS

Why do we have a scene just as silly as this case? should not we be ashamed? not coy like today? still many things that can be administered compared with the case. so what if the video is authentic? because they were known then what we should be excited? 

If you think with your head clear so you will know that you are in ketawain all people in the world of silliness you all that talk about this case. Is not a case like this has happened so often and not only in Indonesia but in all parts of the world? 

For what you have to go on strike in protest demonstrations demanding them, publish them in a scene, prohibiting their appearing before the public, demanding at blokirnya porn site. You should all realize everything you do is ridiculous. You all do not have the right to sue their own because you are not 100% right in life. if there is to be blocked then it is your mind, if you think should block pornographic sites and issues will be completed then you are 100% wrong. One thing you should fix the mental attitude and morale of your own. Useless you ordered the government to block porn sites or sent google.co.id to erase porn sites from search enginenya or install filters on all computers that exist in Indonesia, because as long as your mind is XXX then that site can still be opened. I get mail almost every day that I put the keylogger on hundreds of computers and among the many keywords gay sex other than that written by the victims and so you know Indonesia including 5 major percarian keyword "SEX". So do not let you went along to talk about this or go-go march because it just has to prove that you have to download and watch the video ^ _ ^ so you do not deserve 100% of their blasphemy. 

If you do not wish to download and watch the video especially for those of you who preach this video you should be ashamed because you only add to (bring) more people to watch and download this video then this case will certainly disappear by itself. The point remove your dirty mind and never open the site grubby and the site itself would pull out of Indonesia because Indonesia has not become the land of their business.

Nb: I do not defend them yes. I am in a neutral position. I do not know whose name the artist or patron of Indonesia. I watch only news, comedy and foreign tv (news and comedy).

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