Senin, 10 Januari 2011

written willy

 Natural disasters that hit Indonesia is a tangible manifestation of the natural movement of the dynamic and constant.
Starting from the Tsunami Mentawai, Wasior papua, and the last eruption of Merapi volcano.
the hot cloud coverage already reaches 15 km and is expected to continue to grow.
There is no attempt to do so far from government.
the heat clouds with temperatures reach 600-800 degrees Celsius, with speeds around 170 km per hour with the appearance that can not be predicted, to be a potential serious hazard
made the death toll reached 70 people with cases of burns caused by hot clouds affected, by the amount of detail: 34 men , 34 women, with an additional 10 of the child victims – children and infants.
I think this is not a disaster for us, but a reminder to us so that we get closer to god. I hope that we as humans can better protect the environment around us and better appreciate the nature that god given for us

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